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Aus dem Schacharchiv der Wiener Zeitung: Artikel: 242 vom 14.05.1997, Kategorie Welt

ECU Continental Assembly (Pula, 14 May 1997) (von Prof.Kurt Jungwirth)

ECU-Logo (6 kB)

Graz, 21.05.1997

ECU Continental Assembly

Pula, 14 May 1997

President Kurt Jungwirth opened the Assembly and gave a survey on the developement and the current situation of ECU. The European Chess Union was founded at the FIDE Congress 1985 in Graz by Rolf Littorin of Sweden. Its main target was to give FIDE a more democratic structure and to define and defend European chess interests. A breakthrough was achieved when in 1990 FIDE statutes were modified and the election of the Continental Presidents by their respective continents was introduced. Although there was a rapprochement between ECU and FIDE a certain distrust persisted in FIDE''s leadership. The former Soviet bloc stayed outside, there was not only one Europe, but we had at least two Europes. However ECU never envisaged to split FIDE. It remained in a waiting position. Its goal was clearly to build up a structure similar to other world sport federations: Europe needed a continental organization within FIDE like UEFA in FIFA in football.

There was an importand step forward when a new mode for the European Club Cup was created. This continental event was entrusted to the Continental President who nominated Mr. Stubenvoll as tournament director. 50 % of the entry fees go to FIDE, the other half is used for administrative purposes. Our procedure is highly economical. All my telecommunication costs are paid by my office in Austria. Mr. Stubenvoll also does his job as a volunteer. We pay only for his communications and for trips, which are deemed to be absolutely necessary. At present there is an amount of 22.000 SFrs. on the European bank account.

There are no membership fees in the statutes of ECU. It is sufficient to sign a letter to be our member. That was one of the condiditons its founding members laid down. This principle gave ECU moral strength but little organizational power.

Now it is time to take a new step forward. As the Guernsey Chess Federation put in a letter: ECU should be dissolved unless, as Mr. Sedgwick, England, pointed out in the assembly, there are new developments.

There are two essential points to be changed.

First: the structure of the board - with representatives from 9 zones is impractical.

Second: a new sharing of responsibilities between the European continent and FIDE is necessary. The continent is willing and able to administer its championships. More tasks need more money. The twenty-percent-decision of Erevan is a sign of good will of FIDE. It will not be enough. Europe needs a larger part of the income from its continental events. We want to solve those problems in cooperation with FIDE and we are sure that this will be possible.

In the debate MMrs. Nei, Loewenthal, Sand expressed similar views. Mr. Makropoulos suggested to proceed in a spirit of unity with FIDE and with the Continental President. Mr. Ditt presented the following motion:

"The GA of the ECU states that the ECU should have the duty to secure and stimulate the organization and coordination of European activities.

The current organisation and structure of the ECU does not meet the new requirements.

The GA therefore nominates a commitee with the task of designing a new organizational and financial structure for the ECU so that the ECU can meet these requirements.

This committee should report to all European Chess Federations no later than 1 November 1997.

Members of the committee are:

Rolf Liniger (Switzerland) chairman

Sören Bech-Hansen (Denmark)

Zoltan Ambrus (Hungary)."

Boris Kutin (Slovenia) and Iivo Nei (Estonia) were added by amendments from the assembly.

The motion was carried unanimously.

By acclamation Mr. Kurt Jungwirth was entrusted to preside over the European Chess Union until the Continental Assembly in 1998.

Mr. Jungwirth said in conclusion that he was optimistic about the future of ECU. He ensured full cooperation with the nominated committee.

K. Jungwirth